Get better results from your site.


Great websites are few and far between. Ultimately though, all share one commonality: they succeed at attaining the desired results.

Regardless whether your site needs to educate, support your sales, act as a direct sales channel or perform a combination of roles, we can make this happen for you.

How It's Done
Even if you have a site now, our job at Areafocus, Inc. is to build your web presence to where you want it to be - without costing you a bundle. To accomplish this, we concentrate on your site attaining high visibility within its market niche. Once the visitor is on your site, we deliver a clear, focused message which answers possible objections before they become distractions.

10 Steps Get You There:

Conduct a needs assessment.
Survey your market.
Make a proposal.
Q & A session.
Get the go ahead.
Needs fulfillment.
First draft.
Client review.
Revisions & completion.
Periodic updates.

Organized Thoughts
The magic is in the preparatory steps. We ask you questions. We research the Net. We review your competition. (See the box at right for more.)

Stress Free Convenience
We respect your time, contacting you to solve problems rather than to sell you something. When possible, we come to you, sparing you from navigating traffic, unfamiliar surroundings and other hassles. As a result, you have more free time to spend with family or on running your business...

The Wild Card
Developing a site that gets plenty of traffic is not enough. It is essential that your site delivers to those who use your product and/or service the message they need to hear. Nail down who is your target market and we'll do the rest.

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